As our world rapidly changes, trust is important.

Trust is important because we no longer deal ‘face to face’, where we have the opportunity to look the other person in the eye, to judge whether we like to deal with them.  Instead of being able to visit a shop and gather an impression, we nowadays deal more and more with virtual shops. You don’t know where they are, who made them, and if you can trust that they will honour what they offer. There’s not even a shop to go back to if you have a problem.

So trust is important, and hopefully I can establish that trust with you, so that you can count on me to offer exactly what you see, and I can count on you, to honour your commitment if you choose to buy from me.

I have always enjoyed meeting customers since my beginnings at surf carnivals in Spain, and that continues today as I have occasional market stalls at events such as Fremantle Bazaar, Fairbridge Festival, Perth Upmarket and numerous others. The pleasure of receiving compliments about my jewellery, seeing the joy in the eyes of a person who is touched by a piece, or just the special feel of such events where I get to keep in touch with what my customers like, and the pleasure of discussing jewellery that may last lifetimes.

Unfortunately I may not be able to meet you personally if you browse or buy from this online shop, but I will always be behind every product that I make and sell. You can always contact me with any questions, and certainly if you have a problem, and I will endeavour to fix it beyond your expectations.

So thank you for visiting this virtual world, and looking through my very real products.

Yours sincerely,


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Belen Berganza is the ceramic artist behind the creations you see here

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