4 Little Flowers Pendant Dark & Light tones


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Little Flowers Pendant with different combinations (Dark or Light) of 4 pieces each.

These flowers are a porous diffuser porcelain pebble. Infuse your pebble with perfume or essential oil and enjoy the scent through the day.
Essential Oil Diffuser Necklaces are a beautiful way to enjoy your favorite essential oil all day long. Whether you are looking for the health or emotional benefits of essential oils, diffuser necklaces will not only smell great but look great!

Little Flowers Pendants are an unique piece, because you can personalised it, choosing your favourite colours.
Its made of porcelain and silver.

You can choose between 11 colours plus the silver flower.

All the pendants come with a complimentary 45cm sterling silver link chain.

Please note that slight variations in colour may occur as it is a handmade product.


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Cool, Cool Light, Warm


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