Metatron’s cube porcelain pendant-Sacred geometry



Hand carved sacred geometry porcelain pendant representing the Metatron’s cube


Metatron’s Cube

These  pendants have been hand carved in translucent porcelain and painted with gold by Belen Berganza.

Connecting the center of each of the circles formed in the Flower of Life forms another Sacred Geometric shape known as Metatron’s Cube. It also contains the perfect solids and it has a long history in art and architecture so, can be spotted in some of the oldest cities and buildings in the world. The Metatron’s Cube shape holds all possible laws and patterns for creation and reality.

One common thing Metatron’s Cube is used for is as a meditation aid. By following the pattern of energy, starting at the center, it allows you to follow the pattern as a guide. Looking through the complexity to find the simple shapes, and to see the interplay between them, can be very soothing. Additionally, though, it can help you unlock the issues you’re dealing with in your life, finding the hidden meaning that lies just beneath the surface.

It is a powerful symbol of protection against negative energy. Putting it on your doors or windows might keep out unwanted influences, while allowing positive energy to flow into your home. Wearing it as jewelry might provide you with inner peace and spirituality,it is also often used as a means of shielding yourself from all the negativity.

Sacred Geometry is the basic fundamental building block of our Universe. It is based on mathematics and form. So, from the farthest reaches of the cosmos to the atomic structure of a single cell within the body, the same laws of form and mathematics apply. These displays are confirmation that certain proportions are woven into the very fabric of nature. Recognising the significance of this simple fact, we understand how and why such matters were considered sacred. So, they and everything around us, are the product of the delicate balance between chaos and order.


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