Rainbow musical wind chime


This Rainbow musical wind chime in spyral with strong colour rainbow tones it is handmade in porcelain in my studio and fired at high temperature, wich gives it a clear sound. It has a gentle sound when the wind blows.


Rainbow musical wind chime in spiral with strong colour tones

All the porcelain pieces are individually handmade in my studio and fired at 1280C, high firing temperature provides a clear sound. In the wind is gentle and beautiful.

Overall length of the wind-chime is about 45 cm (18”),
Width is 9cm (3.5”) diameter round top
porcelain hanging pieces are 5×5.5cm (1.9×2”)

Each wind chime is different. I can make them to order.

It is fine to hung them in the verandah, they handle wind well, but if the strings have direct sunlight on them, the UV will cause them to yellow/ brown and it will shorten their life.
The porcelain is a lot more resistant, is ok to wet them and will keep the colours for ever as they have been fired at a very high temperature.

A breezy day is all takes to make a beautiful melody with wind chimes, but how do they make their magic?

Wind chimes are more than just decorative. They’re percussion instruments like any other and have been used throughout the centuries for a range of purposes from scaring birds away from crops and frightening malevolent spirits to attracting good luck and enhancing the flow of chi.

Chimes create what is known as chance music, because the series of tones they play are guided only by the direction of the wind.



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