Seed Scent Pebble diffuser with wooden dish & 6ml Australian bush essential oil blend


Bring the scent of the Australian bush into your home with the scent pebble.

This handmade pebble is created from porous clay which will absorb the blend of essential oils provided by Halka B Organics.

Pop a drop of her ‘bush scent’ onto the pebble and the unique reminder of Australia will be carried throughout your home, car or wardrobe.


Seed Scent Pebble-wooden dish-6ml Australian bush essential oil blend

This handmade pebble is created from porous clay which will absorb the supplied bush blend essential oil.

Approximate size: pebble 5.5cm x 2.5cm / wood saucer 6cm x 1.5cm. Total size: 6cm x 3.5cm / 6 ml essential oil bush blend glass bottle.
Pop a drop onto the pebble and the aroma will be carried throughout the room, cupboard or even in the car…

The saucer complementing the pebble I only stock it now in light colour as this one comes from a sustainable source Anacardium tree.

A note about the use of essential oils:

With a pure essential oil there are several qualities that I believe they offer beyond their fragrance, their main job is to be absorbed into our system by breathing it, to promote health and wellbeing. The qualities of the bush blend of the Scent Pebble offers to relax and uplift our mood. As Halka sources very pure oils, they aren’t adulterated with chemical compounds designed to replicate a real plant extract, nor are they enhanced to have a longer lasting and stronger fragrance.

This means that they do need to be ‘topped up’ more often, but in my home this adds a mindful routine of pausing to add the oil. (another way of seeing ‘another job to do’ 😊 ) I put a few drops in the centre of the pebble and the aroma will last for a few hours. The intensity of the smell varies depending on the temperature of the room and how big is the space. Heat can cause the volatile oils to evaporate more quickly, and of course there can be an element of ‘Olfactory adaption or Olfactory Fatigue’ where we get used to a scent, that a new visitor to a room will detect while we cannot.

I quite like the daily routine of adding oil to the pebble, and I value it for the mindfulness quality of this routine

In the center I have hand carved the seed of life symbol, Its meaning is the unique and universal symbol for creation, the origin of all. It is the stage preceding the essence of the Flower of Life. The Flower of Life leads to the formation of the “Fruit of Life,” and the Fruit of Life is considered as the blueprint of the universe since it contains everything in existence, including life form, molecular structure, and an atom to the patterns in the universe.  As a result, everything in existence can be founded on the shape of the seed of life.

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With 6ml essential oil bottle only, With wooden dish only, With 6ml EO bottle and wooden dish


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